We all start somewhere.

I have always had strong love for photography. When I moved to Utah I was finally at a point in my life where I could focus on my dreams. I took full advantage of doing so after my very supportive husband let me use our entire basement for my studio.  I took work shops, studied photography, practiced and then practiced even more. I ate, slept and breathed photography. It consumed my life. I remember being up till 3 in the morning editing or researching. I was always wanting more. After photographing everything from weddings, seniors, fashion and more, I knew my heart was with newborn photography.

Man, I was so bad. Like bad. Back then I thought I was actually “pretty good”. I needed to really dive into either natural or studio light. Eventually I decided on studio because it was much more consistent and I never had to worry about it being a gloomy day! I had much more work to be done. I invested in my learning and took more workshops. Bought high quality equipments and started investing into props that were my style. I kept on and kept on taking newborn clients and always had good feedback. I think I charge anywhere from $150-$250 for a session. Back then sessions took me 4 hours to complete. They were long, tiresome sessions. I didn’t have a good work flow down and was never fully confident in my abilities.

Fast forward to today and I am leaps and bounds ahead of where I started. Was it hard? You bet. But, I was consistent and not “all over the map”. I photographed what I was passionate about and not doing sessions to just “pay bills”. I wanted my business to succeed in the area that I wanted. I am to the point now where I only photograph newborns on weekdays. I am able to do the job I love and still have the time I want with my family.  If you are struggling don’t give up! Seek education in the area you want to perfect. Choose one specialty and ROCK it!! Blow your competition out of the water! Perfect your skills and when you think you have it right, think again.  Find a role model in your specialty and see if they offer workshops. Do workshops, learn from others, don’t be afraid to try new things!

I can’t imagine my life doing anything else. I am so truly blessed to be able to document the most precious treasure you will ever receive. Being able to give clients the biggest smile, sometimes a cry is so humbling and amazing.  Enjoy my before and now pictures!