Our trip of a lifetime.

Our 6 year Anniversary.


I wanted to share a personal blog about our trip to Paris and Scotland. First off I want to thank God for blessing us with this time together. Second we would have not been able to go if it weren’t for the Judy and Marvin Steele. Judy and Marvin have been angels to our family and we are so very thankful for them and all that they do for us.

When Jon first told me “hey, lets go to Paris”,  I didn’t believe him. I mean come on, it’s Paris, my dream. But being the amazing husband he is, he was telling me the truth. The next day we were online booking our 6th Anniversary trip to Paris and Scotland. Jon and I didn’t have an official honeymoon (we went to Vegas for 4 days) so this was our first HUGE trip together, alone.

As soon as we had our tickets I knew I had to find a photographer. I wound up finding Sasha Lannier and she was PERFECT! ( If you are planning a trip, book her.) Our first day in Paris was lovely. The hotel was divine. The people so sweet. We started at a quaint cafe for lunch where Jon ordered foi gras, aka duck fat and I stuck with a traditional spaghetti. We then walked through the beautiful city and ended up at the Eiffel Tower. It was more majestic than I had ever imagined. The beauty and size of the tower was utterly breathtaking. I am not sure how big I had originally thought it was but it was HUGE. After exploring and shopping more we had a lovely Italian dinner. ( we were obsessed with the pizza, I know, I know. Leave me alone.) We ended the night with some cocktails and our thoughts of “holy crap, we are really in Paris!!!”

Day two was spent wondering the massive museum, the Louvre. We covered the basics with the Mona Lisa and Aphrodite. The museum was so big and so beautiful. The amount of history was indescribable.  After wondering the halls we grabbed a snack and headed out. We then walked to the iconic Ferris wheel. (Jon hates heights). Got our tickets and went up. The view was unbelievably gorgeous! We then wandered the city and had a lovely dinner.

Day three was spent in the morning at a cafe by the Trocadero waiting for our photographer. The previous two days were lovely. This morning, freakishly cold and rain. AWESOME…..So we braved the cold, my hair did not and we took the most amazing photos, in the most romantic place on Earth. Y’all I still need someone to pinch me. After pictures we went and defrosted. HA HA Then got ready for our “fancy” dinner cruise. The food was 5 star amazingness. Three courses with wine. So, so, so good. The dinner boat was all glass and trailed the Siena River over the stars. After we strolled the streets and had a few drinks and ended the last night.

We then traveled to Scotland. WE LOVED IT SO MUCH! Don’t get me wrong Paris was a dream! But Scotland was more our style. Our hotel was called Stay Central and it was AMAZING! The people were so friendly and inviting. We talked to so many and loved it so much. The first day we went on a pub crawl! HA HA we aren’t 24 anymore. It was lovely to meet new people and chat over drinks.

Our next day was spent in the bitter cold on a tour of the city. The amount of history was so mind blowing. The buildings that are still standing from long, long ago. The old stone buildings were so beautiful. We then went to tour the Edinburgh Castle. The history comes alive when you walk through the gates. Its so amazing to have the privilege to walk thorough the halls and see everything. At our dinner Jon was daring to try escargot and he LOVED them. I attempted and they were horrible.

Our last day was spent walking through the Christmas market and trying new things. We found perfect Christmas gifts for family and loved every second of it. We then walked to an outside food area that had tons of people and we met new friends, laughed and soaked up our last day!


Overall this trip will be unforgettable for both of us. If you ever get a chance to go, GO!