Our family gained another member yesterday! Everyone, meet Duchess, this amazingly sweet Boxer/Pit mix.  We got her at our local animal shelter here in Princeton, WV.  Her back story is a little sad. She was taken from her original home because they were starving her.  The officer actually was going to keep her but then his landlord would not allow it. That’s how she ended up at the shelter. Our family has been searching for the perfect fit for our family. We knew we wanted a dog but we just don’t have time for a puppy. We have had several attempts at getting a dog but they never worked out. Needless to say I think it was meant to be. This sweet girl is already so at home. She is full of personality, kisses and love. We are all so excited to have this sweet girl as part of our family!!!

I think it’s safe to say she is happy to be here too 😉