It is assumed that if you are reading this you must be pregnant, thinking of becoming pregnant, or well…just curious… so, Congratulations! This is an amazing experience that you are about to embark on!!

Let start this off with this; I am not the perfect fit for everyone and that’s ok! I am simply trying to educate everyone on how to pick the perfect photographer for your needs.

  1. Safety:  This is your most precious treasure; why not ensure that your baby is safe at all times? The utilization of a spotter is imperative for newborn safety. A photographer cannot fully utilize their artistic ability while also trying to maintain newborn safety. Having a spotter, whose sole purpose is to be hands on at all times, provides that safety assurance for the parents and photographer. This allows the photographer to really take advantage of the very brief moments that may provide the best images of your newborn.

When considering a newborn photographer always inquire about the use of a spotter. A photographer that does                  not have a spotter will not have the ability to put your baby in certain positions without one. Some of the very                      popular poses require a spotter and are taken with hands on baby and then composited into Photoshop to give                  you the beautiful final image. Not having a spotter puts your baby in serious danger and those particular images                  should never be attempted. While not having a spotter does not necessarily correlate with the skill of the                              photographer, it does offer piece of mind knowing your baby is safe. A lot of very talented photographers utilize                  spotters in order to provide the best experience possible. So, when choosing a photographer make sure to                          ensure that your baby will be safe the entire session with a spotter. (Please note, a parent is not a spotter.                          Spotters are trained on proper placement and safety.)

  1. Studio: Does the photographer you are looking at have a studio? Is it a home studio? Granted there is nothing wrong with an in-home studio in certain situations (i.e. detached and dedicated studio space.) A typical in-home studio doesn’t allow for an over all comfortable experience. Wouldn’t you rather kick back and relax on the couch with a cup of coffee and know your baby is safe? Or would you rather be crammed in a tight space and be uncomfortable? Not to mention having a studio provides a safe environment for everyone. EKP strives to give you the best experience you could want. The comforts of a studio space allow for watching T.V. during down time, enjoying a cup of coffee, or sitting in a comfortable chair if you choose to sit in on your session. We are here to make you happy!
  2. Turnaround time: Now if you are anything like me I want my pictures yesterday! I am so excited   to see how the images turned out and I’m sure that you are even more excited to see them. I want nothing more than to give my clients perfect images as quickly as possible. I know how eager you are to show off your adorable newborn to your friends and family, whether it is your first or your fourth baby. Being able to get your newborn announcements out as soon as possible is what you want! So, here at EKP newborn clients get their images the very same day!!!!!! Yes, you read that right. I am so invested in my client’s happiness that you get your images the same day you are in the studio. How soon are the photographers you are researching advertising that they will get images to you.
  3.  Looking for quality work: Here is a doozy! Unfortunately we are in a social media world and people, including photographers only post what they want you to see a single image at a time. The only true way to see a photographer’s work is to either look at a session from a past client or to look at their blog. Looking at a photographer’s blog gives you a look into what you will be receiving from your session. Looking through a photographer’s blog also allows you to see comments of past clients, which will give you insight into how their clients felt about their sessions. If a photographer doesn’t have a blog, I would ask them to see a full session. Only having a few images from a session doesn’t give you the big picture as to what you will receive. Any reputable photographer should have a blog that they post to regularly and should not have any issues showing you a full gallery for you to preview.


Well, that as a mouthful, but a good one. EKP is here to make sure you have the very best!

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